November 2020

Top Letting Tip #1 – Calculating Rental Yields

This is first in a series of 'Top Letting Tips' and it is all about calculating your rental yields. Rental yields are one of the most important considerations for any new or current landlords. Rental yield helps you decide whether or not a property is a sound investment and it is also used as a factor when considering the affordability of buy-to-let mortgages.  SO, WHAT EXACTLY IS RENTAL...

What are the benefits of a pet-friendly property?

Deciding whether to allow pets in your rental property can be a difficult decision to make. A simple 'no' may be the easiest option in most cases, but is it the best one? Allowing tenants to have pets widens your prospective pool of paying tenants, and you can easily protect your property with a carefully worded tenancy agreement. Since so many landlords do not allow pets, you could ask for a slightly but...

Void Periods: How to avoid them?

Landlords naturally panic at the thought of their properties being empty for any length of time. So, if you are dreading long void periods and want to avoid them at all costs, then review our top ten tips: 1. MAINTAIN YOUR PROPERTY TO A HIGH STANDARD It is a competitive market, so tenants expect rental properties to be kept in good decorative order, with up-to-date kitchens and bathrooms.  2. REMEMBER...

Top 5 things to do pre-tenancy

Did you know we can take the burden out of preparing your property from you? At Richard James, we are happy to prepare everything needed to ensure that your tenants are moved in safely and legally. We cross all of the T's and dot all of the I's and let you relax, by keeping it simple!  We have listed the top 5 steps below... 1. MAKE SURE YOUR PROPERTY IS SAFE: You, as the Landlord, have a duty to...

Pre-tenancy checks and why they’re so crucial

Landlords, do you have time to deal with all the crucial pre-tenancy checks, to ensure you've found the RIGHT tenant?What if we could alleviate the potential stress associated with pre-tenancy checks, and remove it from your hands completely? As letting agents, we filter out any tenants who have serious adverse credit/ history, low affordability, and a history of anti-social...

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