5 Reasons To Move In Spring

As winter draws to an end, the winter-spring transition is in full effect and is the time of year most associate with fresh starts. The frostbitten world is starting to move again and shake off the long and cold winter months which have passed. Many people will have spent these months thinking about moving, yet not taking any action.

However, as the fresh start of spring approaches, the likelihood of wanting to pack up and move is on the rise again. This is because, unless you are willing to dig deep enough, you won’t find any obvious downsides of moving house in March, April or May. In fact, we think it’s a great time to move and here’s why:


Our property experts at Richard James note Spring-time being the most popular time to list a home for sale – which can only mean one thing… more options, and more buyers! Spring-time = an abundance of new properties hitting the market, making it the perfect time for buyers to shop around for their new home.


The sunrise and sunset will be 1 hour later in March, which is perfect for squeezing in those weekday valuations and viewings. People working full time, are still able to view a property at its full potential in daylight, after finishing work. This is a huge benefit for sellers too, as it allows more people to view during the day whilst the home is looking it’s very best.


This is the perfect time to have a spring-clean of the property, leave the doors open for a cool breeze, lay some fresh seasonal flowers on the side and not have to worry about leaving lights on to ensure the house doesn’t look too dark. These finishing touches naturally increase the appeal to buyers, as they are more likely to picture themselves living there when it’s looking its very best.


The outdoor spaces always look better during spring-time, when the flowers are starting to bloom, birds are singing loudly and blossom trees are displaying their true natural beauty. 

Top Tip – take the time to clean up the garden or outdoor space before any viewings take place!


If the process is started early enough, there is a higher chance of moving in to a new home during the warmer spring/summer months, which is especially perfect for those with children, because it’ll be just before they break up from school.

We hope you find these tips useful – If you’re considering a move this Spring, then contact us today.

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