8 simple ways to spruce up your home before selling!

Sprucing up your home is something that can be very beneficial before you come to sell it, which is why we’ve put together a list of 8 simple ideas for you to try.

Lick of paint

First things first, and maybe the most effective tip of ours, would be to refresh any paintwork in your home. Refreshing the paintwork in your home is a quick and easy way of tidying up any scuff marks on the walls or splash marks in the kitchen/bathroom! We recommend going neutral with any colour choices, as it makes rooms appear lighter and brighter, therefore, allowing buyers to visualise their belongings in your property when they are viewing it.
You might also consider updating or renovating other parts of your home, such as your kitchen. You could replace the cupboard handles, wrap the cupboard doors with sheets of vinyl or refit the fittings on your sink, in order to transform the room. These changes can be made easily and for little money too!

Declutter & reorganise

Secondly, we would always recommend having a good old ‘sort out’ and declutter of the belongings within your home. Do you know those boxes of clothes in your bedroom or that collection of plastic bags in the kitchen? Well, now really is the time to go through them. You might even want to switch up the layout of some of your rooms to ensure they are looking their best, for example, removing an old rug or adding in some updated furniture to stage the property ready for viewing. This is such an important step to take as you want to ensure that every potential buyer viewing your property, gets a true sense of the space that your home has to offer.


Selling your home in the winter months takes a little more consideration as there is a lack of the beautiful, natural light that spring and summer have to offer. With this being said, it is worth placing some lamps around your home to brighten up those dark corners or rooms, ensuring potential buyers feel warm and cosy when they are viewing your property. There is nothing worse than a typically British, miserable rainy day, so why not brighten up your space and show it off in its full glory!


Another simple but handy tip is to add in a few mirrors around your home, which can have a huge impact in smaller areas such as hallways because they reflect light around the room and make these smaller spaces feel a lot bigger than they are. They are also easy to install as they can be hung on walls, added to the front faces of furniture, such as wardrobes, or rest on surfaces like console tables.

Scents & smells

It could be a big turn off to any potential buyers if there was a bad smell within your home, so to combat this we would suggest using an air freshener or adding some essential oils at keys points around the home, for example, the kitchen sink, the bin and the bathroom. A nice smelling home is very welcoming and can be the catalyst in turning a viewing into an offer.

Deep Clean!

First impressions do count! So it’s time to have a deep clean of the whole property. This calls for getting your rubber gloves on and targeting those big things which you need to tick off. We’re talking, the garage, the oven, the skirting boards – clear out those places, and you’ll see such a big difference within the home. A potential buyer would much prefer to view a sparkling clean property.

Garden refresh

We’ve saved this juicy tip ’till last, but needless to say, it’s not one to miss! It is important to consider the viewers’ journey, and your front garden will most likely be the first thing they see, so first impressions here really count! Some buyers might even be partial to a ‘drive by’ before arranging a viewing, so kerb appeal is essential.

Whilst we recognise that some of these tips may require more effort initially and not all may apply to your property, your home will be immediately ready for those all-important pictures and viewings!
We hope this blog has been helpful and if you have any other ideas, please comment below.
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