A guide to retirement living

If you’re considering retirement living, this is a good place to start. We’ve put together a helpful guide to explain what exactly a retirement village is and we’ve included a list which highlights a range of benefits.

What is a retirement village?

A retirement village is a housing development built specifically for older buyers, featuring a range of different property types, including houses, flats and bungalows. They often come with communal areas and on-site amenities such as swimming pools, restaurants and libraries. 
The concept of retirement village living was pioneered, in places such as Australia and the USA and although it still has room to develop in the UK, retirement villages are becoming more prevalent and have been available at stunning locations across the UK for 35 years.
They are a viable and attractive option for people, who are enthusiastically planning for their retirement. The key aspect which sets them apart from other alternatives such as residential care or living with family members is the unique combination of amenities and services they offer.

Benefits of retirement living:

  1. You can save money on living expenses by selling your larger how and downsizing into a smaller apartment. These apartments usually come with communal spaces to share with neighbours, which spreads costs between groups of people.
  2. Downsizing to a smaller property will mean internally, it is easier to keep clean and tidy. You’ll also have specific site managers and groundsmen to maintain the external. You’ll also have peace of mind, knowing jobs such as roof repairs, painting and window cleaning will all be looked after for you, so that you do not have to worry about trying to do it yourself.
  3. You will have a choice of a range of different sized properties, such as bungalows, apartments and houses. This will allow you to select a property based on both the practical aspects and how it looks.
  4. The accommodation is of a luxury standard and it is specifically designed for older people. You’ll also be able to enjoy the hairdressers, swimming pools and communal lounges, which are usually offered on-site, for ease of access and a sense of community.
  5. Retirement living offers an opportunity for care and support to those who need extra assistance. Additional options can be included in your package, for things such as onsite-care, assisted living, meal preparation/delivery.
  6. You’ll be able to extend your independence, as living in a retirement village with others is a midway point between living alone in your own home and moving into a residential care home. This will be the perfect opportunity to make friends and have common ground with others.

If retirement living sounds like it could be for you, give us a call on 01793 688 705 to talk through your options. 

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