Storage. Make it stylish.

Have you ever felt like stuff just seems to appear in your house? You’ve got no idea where it came from, and for some reason in the deep, dark, depths of your mind, something is stopping you from getting rid of it. Or, your children have just bought home the 4000th picture they have made at school and you really have ran out of wall, cupboard, and under-the-bed space? We get it, it is easy to walk into The Range and purchase some fairly ugly but useful plastic boxes, but in this day and age, if you’re spending more than two hours a day in your house, you want stuff to be away, like well away, out of sight, in something far prettier than a big, plastic box.

You may be wondering where on earth we are going with this, but with interest rates on the rise and the cost of living to increase, we want to give you some fresh ideas on how to create more storage space in your home, without having to up-size entirely.

Idea #1 I Bench Storage

The ideal piece of dual-purpose furniture. Bench storage can be purchased as a free-standing product, or you can have them built into an alcove or recess.

Idea #2 I Enhance your cupboard space

Utilise the insides of your cupboard doors by adding additional shelving.

Idea #3 I Swap your bed for a Divan

Another perfect example of a dual-purpose piece of furniture. Bringing comfort, style and the additional benefit of discreet storage space underneath.

Idea #4 I Invest in an Ottoman

A classy addition to any bedroom or living room. Ottoman’s not only look great, but they provide great additional storage and come in all shapes and sizes.

Idea #5 I Utilise wall space

Empty walls are a great excuse to get creative. From shelving to coat hooks, to space for shoes, the possibilities are endless.

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