What is a Leasehold property?

If you're thinking about buying a property, you've probably come across the terms 'Leasehold' and 'Freehold' along the way, but do you know what they actually mean? It is important that you have key information early in the process, so you can decide if a home is right for you. With that being said, we will be talking you through how leasehold and freehold properties differ and we will also touch on...

Buy-To-Let: 8 Questions you should ask before you buy

So you are looking to buy a property as an investment – what do you need to watch out for? You may be an established landlord with a large property portfolio, or you may be taking your first step in the buy-to-let market, but there are some common questions you need to know. The estate agent is obliged to answer your questions honestly by law, so make the most of this – after all, they know more about...

Pros and Cons of Selling Up or Renting Out

Imagine this situation: your beloved home has been in the family for decades, it's part of your history and has been handed down through many generations. However, it’s now empty as you’ve got somewhere else to live, yet you don’t need to sell your family home and you’re stuck in a quandary. It is mortgage-free but could do with some work to modernise it.  Do you sell your family home and...

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