8 simple ways to spruce up your home before selling!

Sprucing up your home is something that can be very beneficial before you come to sell it, which is why we've put together a list of 8 simple ideas for you to try. Lick of paint First things first, and maybe the most effective tip of ours, would be to refresh any paintwork in your home. Refreshing the paintwork in your home is a quick and easy way of tidying up any scuff...

April 2020: Changes in regulations for EPCs

A lot of landlords are still unaware of the regulations for MEES (minimum energy efficiency standard) and what it entails. So, we thought we'd break it down for you: The previous changes that came about in 2018, meant that landlords of low scoring properties were required to conduct repairs or changes to their properties to upgrade them to band E or higher, once their current tenant had vacated....

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