Top Tips for preparing your home before photos

Buyers often look at pictures, videos and floor plans of a property that they like the look of, as the first step in their property search. With this in mind, many of our sellers ask us to organise professional photography and videography of their home – which we know works, with over 20 years of experience behind us.

However, before the photographer arrives, our sellers have an important role to carry out – preparing their home for photographs. It is generally their responsibility to prepare and style their home, in a way that will make for good pictures. We’re talking a few hours of cleaning, de-cluttering and re-arranging which will result in great photography, an attractive listing and ultimately result in a quicker sale.

So, if you’re thinking about selling your home, you don’t need to hire a stylist to make your property ‘photo-ready’, you just need to read our top tips below and invest a little bit of your time!

Top Tips:

  1. Ensure the property has had a deep clean by hoovering all floors, mopping hard floors, wiping down counter tops and polishing away any dust that has collected. A clean home always pictures better than a dirty one!
  2. Tidy away all personal belongings such as clothes/laundry, phone chargers, empty glasses, magazines, shoes etc. This will make the space feel tidy and spacious, allowing potential buyers to visualise themselves in the property without seeing things that aren’t theirs before they’ve even walked through the door.
  3. Make all beds neatly, tuck in any sheets that might be hanging down and arrange pillows nicely. Bedrooms are always something that people want to look at when scrolling through property listings so it has to look appealing.
  4. To avoid family portraits or personal photographs being on display, you could remove or replace with a general photo/landscape print. Most photographers have the ability to blur these out if this is not something you can/want to do.
  5. For the final touches, take a quick walk around your property and ensure that all area’s of the home are ready to be photographed. For example: put the toilet seat down, turn off the television, remove toothbrush from being on display in the bathroom etc.
  6. P.s – Don’t forget the outside of your home as this area is this the first thing a potential buyer will see on the listing. It is best to move your car/cars off the drive or out of the way of a clear front shot of the property if possible, and try to tidy up the front garden/space as much as you can by putting bins away or removing children’s toys or shoes.

Please contact us, to find out more about getting your property ready, if you are thinking about selling. 

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