Is your Swindon home bigger than 968 sq ft?

Swindon Homeowners - Do you know how big your Swindon home is? What is the square footage of your Swindon home? Don’t worry, most of us don't - yet it could be fundamental as Swindon home buyers search for new homes. Us Brits are obsessed with our homes, yet most Swindon homeowners need to learn the square footage (those born after the mid-1970s) or square metre(age) of their homes. As an agent, I find...

Swindon Property Market Update: February 2023

• With the Bank of England raising interest rates and inflation high, what is happening in the Swindon property market? • Are properties selling in Swindon? And if so, what is selling? • What will happen to the value of your Swindon home? • Read the article to find out what is happening to the Swindon property market. As we enter February, the Swindon (and British) property market is full of...

Is now a good time to buy a Swindon home?

This is the question many people are asking right now, and the answer depends on your circumstances. I pride myself on my ability to provide objective, fact-based information on the Swindon property market so potential Swindon house sellers, landlords and buyers can make the best decision for themselves. My role is to educate the potential Swindon house sellers, landlords and buyers and to...

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