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Buying a Swindon Home is Still £622 a Year Cheaper Than Renting

With mortgage rates tripling over the last 12 months, one could be forgiven for thinking buying a Swindon home as a first-time buyer would out of the question.Yet, what if I told you, it is £622 a year cheaper to buy a Swindon home as a first-time buyer than renting, would you be surprised? The average 2-bed home in Swindon is worth £202,879. The monthly homeownership cost of such a Swindon home...

Is it now or never for the Swindon property market?

Traditionally, the first four months of the year are usually an estate agents’ busiest time for house sales. However, if the last three years have taught us anything, nothing is 'normal' and 'usual' anymore.The Swindon property market is finding that with the friction of higher mortgage rates and the effects of inflation on household budgets; things are slightly different in 2023 compared to recent...

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