January 2023

Swindon Baby Boomers and their 3,396 Spare ‘Spare’ Bedrooms

An additional 6,926 spare bedrooms have been locked out of the Swindon housing market since 2011 as Britain’s ageing population means the country’s stock of homes is being used more unproductively. The number of spare bedrooms in Swindon between 2011 and 2021 increased from 93,979 to 100,905. The number of Swindon households living in properties with at least two spare bedrooms (i.e. spare...

Thatcher’s Dream Smashed as Homeownership in Swindon Drops

In her first conference speech as the Tory's new leader in 1975, the grocer’s daughter from Grantham, Margaret Thatcher, asserted her conviction in a ‘property-owning democracy’.Although Thatcher didn't conceive the saying – (that credit belonged to Conservative MP Noel Skelton in 1923), it encapsulated what she thought Britain should be.Through prudence, saving and hard work, she believed that...

Thinking of extending?

Extensions can be a great addition to a home, and the light and space they create, not only enhance the flow of fresh air and natural light but may also add significant value to your home. Planning to extend your home can be a bit of a minefield if you don’t have any experience, so first of all, it is important to take your time in deciding whether an extension project is for you. You’ll need to think...

More Swindon homes are on the market today than a year ago

The Swindon property market has changed in the last 12 months, with more Swindon properties coming onto the market. This has given greater choice to Swindon home buyers and buy-to-let landlords. The value of Swindon properties that had their sale agreed upon in the early spring of 2022 (and completed their sale in September 2022) is 13.4% higher than those Swindon properties that had a sale agreed...

Inflation – Every Swindon Landlords’ Saviour

Swindon Buy-to-Let Landlords. Would it surprise you that inflation can be very useful when it comes to protecting your hard-earned savings and investment? Some of you reading this will be old enough to remember the 1970s – the bell-bottom trousers, the huge collars, frayed jeans, disco glitter balls, maxi dresses, midi skirts but above everything else - HYPER INFLATION.With inflation currently standing...

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