February 2023

To downsize or not to downsize?

Given the current market conditions, downsizing is becoming more popular. The cost of living crisis has meant people are looking for ways to free up money, and the backlash of covid (sorry to mention it) has meant people are switching up bigger houses and double garages for more holidays, more time outside, and maybe a new hobby or two. Whilst the decision to downsize can be a difficult one, there are...

50% of Swindon house sellers in 2022 had only been in their old home on average 4 years and 27 weeks

The share of Brits moving each year has been declining since the late 1980s (when at one stage, people moved every eight years), yet since the pandemic's beginning, something has appeared to upset that trend.Newspaper stories and social media posts painted a picture of homeowners moving from the city centres to its suburbs, from the suburbs to the towns and countryside around the UK. Areas like the...

Is Buy-to-Let in Swindon Still Worth the Risk?

Over the last five years, life has become a little trickier for Swindon landlords, with changes to their taxation status, mortgage interest relief and an additional 3% stamp duty for a buy-to-let property, and has made lots of Swindon landlords ask themselves: ‘Is buy-to-let in Swindon still worth the risk?’ Regarding taxation, in 2016, the Government added a 3% supplement in stamp duty on...

Swindon Property Market Update: February 2023

• With the Bank of England raising interest rates and inflation high, what is happening in the Swindon property market? • Are properties selling in Swindon? And if so, what is selling? • What will happen to the value of your Swindon home? • Read the article to find out what is happening to the Swindon property market. As we enter February, the Swindon (and British) property market is full of...

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