Decorating Tips for Renters

When you rent, it can seem like you have very limited options for what you can do to make your space your own. But there are in fact many ways you can make your home beautiful, personal, and stylish – and importantly, not break the bank! See our top tips on transforming your rental space.

Get a statement rug

If you have dull carpet or flooring that is bringing down your space, a statement rug can add a much-needed boost of vitality. Don’t be scared to go BIG as it’s a great chance to show off a little personality and add colour to a large area without having to make any permanent changes. Not only that, it also protects what’s underneath, so you and your deposit are safe from spills and wear.

Use tile stickers

The kitchen and bathrooms are usually the most restrictive rooms in terms of change as retiling is almost always off the table. But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with them, instead, stick something on them. Tile decals easily fit over your current tiles, come in all sorts of striking patterns and colours, are waterproof, can easily be wiped down, and when you move out, you can just peel them right off.

Hang a canopy

Create dimension in any bedroom by adding a canopy to your bed. This will also add a little privacy to a shared living situation. You can add it with a small screw-in hook in the ceiling or a curtain rail.

Hang a frame without using nails

Picture frames and wall hangings can transform a room from drab to fab and using Command Strips (sticky double-sided hanging strips) you can avoid leaving any marks and they can take a considerable weight. Just make sure you don’t put them on any paper or soft surfaces.

Lean don’t hang

Alternatively, if you have a mirror that’s too heavy to be supported with Command Strips, a hot new trend is leaning them against the wall. This’ll give your space an informal, Boho feel and allow you to freely move the mirror wherever you fancy.

Divide and decorate with storage

A large open plan area can be utilised more efficiently by dividing the space using backless shelving. By adding plants, ornaments and decorative items on the shelves, you add a splash of visual interest and personality too.

Wallpaper the furniture

You might not be able to do much with the walls, but you have free rein to be as creative as you want with your furniture. Plain draws, cupboards and wardrobes can be turned into statement pieces with some brightly patterned wallpaper cut to size. Try lining the inside of your draws too!

Make wallpaper panels

While you’re wallpapering your furniture, try doing the same to a panel of plywood and leaning it against the wall to add a pop of personality to your space. You can even slot it behind the sofa or bed to ensure it stays in place. Not only is this a great workaround of wallpapering the wall, but you can also change the colour scheme far easier.

Go bold with throw cushions

You don’t need flash walls or sofa to brighten your living space. Try going big and bold with a selection of throw cushions. They are also far easier to replace when you want a new look.

If you’re looking for your next property to rent and try out these new tips on, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our lettings team who will find the perfect property to make your own.

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