Money saving tips for your home as we head into the summer.

You’re used to tightening your belt after Christmas and during the gloomy days of the new year where all you want to do is hibernate at home, but as the days get warmer and Summer seems just around the corner, it becomes more and more tempting to loosen a few notches and get out there to enjoy the sunshine. With the cost-of-living crisis still looming over us, here are some tips on keeping costs down so you can have some guilt-free, sunny spending.
  • ·Put down that Plastic Bottle You want to keep hydrated and refreshed as it starts to get warmer and that hot cuppa isn’t always hitting the spot, but in substituting plastic bottles weekly and just refilling a reusable bottle with tap water, you could save you up to £50 a year. Not only are you doing your part for the environment by helping cut down on plastics, but a reusable bottle is also a bona fide style statement these days, and you’ll stay cool in more ways than one.
  • Make your own snacks. It’s almost picnic weather, so instead of just grabbing something to eat at your desk, why not put together some quick, easy homemade options to enjoy outdoors, like crudités with humus, cheese on crackers, or a baggie of popcorn flavoured with salt or paprika. These are all cheaper and healthier than pre-packaged crisps or snack bars.
  • Rethink how you travel. Now we’re a little less likely to get rained on, or freeze waiting at the bus stop, why not make the most of the outdoors and swap your car and those steep fuel prices and parking costs for public transport? Or get in some exercise and cycle or enjoy the longer evenings and walk home. If using the car is unavoidable, try rolling down the window instead of blasting the AC, and make sure you’ve not got any excess weight in the back slowing you down and burning fuel.
  • Cancel Subscriptions. Remember all those apps and subscription services you signed up for to keep you entertained during the long winter months? You might not want or need them now but they’re still taking a chunk of change every month. Take a look through all your transactions and see what you’re actually using and what’s just being forgotten.
  • Try a ‘No Spend’ weekends. Once a month, make the most of the nicer weather and what is available without even having to spend a penny. Try activities like going on walks, a day at the park or beach, playing sports with a friend, visiting free museums or galleries. You could even make it a challenge.

Happy Saving!

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