Swindon Barber Ranks in UK Top 20

Swindon’s Gorse Hill is now home to one of the UK’s top barbershops. Zeke Gerrard, the owner of The Inner Circle Barber Studio, has made a name for himself by ranking 18th in the prestigious UK Hair and Beauty Awards. Known for his discreet, appointment-only service, Zeke has attracted a clientele that includes local millionaires and even bodyguards of royalty.

Zeke’s journey began at the tender age of 19 when he trained at Boss Barber. After gaining experience at Guys, he took the bold step of opening his own shop in 2022. His unique approach to barbering, which includes locking the door for privacy during appointments, has set him apart in Swindon’s bustling barber scene.

“I didn’t think I’d place anywhere. To come 18th in the whole UK is phenomenal. There’s about 200 barbers just in Swindon,” Zeke said, reflecting on his recent accolade. His shop had already been recognised as the best in the South West, but this national ranking was an unexpected honour.

Zeke’s success lies in his commitment to offering a VIP experience to all his clients, not just the wealthy ones. “I basically try my best to make the average person feel like a VIP because why shouldn’t they?” he said. This ethos is evident in his extended opening hours, from 6.30am to 7pm, and the hour-long slots he allocates for each appointment. This ensures that men don’t feel rushed and have time to relax.

His services range from £12.50 for a regular cut to £43 for a full service, which includes refreshments and a more personalised experience. “I’m not the cheapest in Swindon, but I feel I do a fair price for what you get,” Zeke explained.

Despite his busy schedule, Zeke couldn’t attend the award ceremony but eagerly awaits his trophy and certificate. “To go from having no barbering qualifications to coming 18th in the whole UK – I’m very proud of myself,” he said.

Zeke’s story is a testament to the power of dedication and innovation in a competitive industry. His success not only elevates his own profile but also puts Swindon on the map as a hub for top-tier barbering.

Image: Lew Wellsteed


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