Swindon Circus Festival: A Day of Delight for Local Families

The Swindon Circus Festival brought a whirlwind of excitement to the heart of Old Town this bank holiday Monday. Organised by the Swindon Circus and Outdoor Arts Projects (SCOAP), the festival transformed Lawn Woods into a vibrant playground of laughter and entertainment, delighting families and children alike.

From morning till dusk, the festival offered a diverse programme of events, including acrobatic performances, comedy shows, and interactive workshops. Children were given the opportunity to try their hand at various circus skills, adding an element of adventure to the day.

A standout highlight of the festival was the towering stilt walkers from Stilt Walkers UK. These larger-than-life performers roamed the woods, high-fiving children and posing for photos, bringing an extra dash of magic to the event. Phoenix Stewart of Stilt Walkers UK praised the festival, saying, “The event was brilliant, lots going on for families. The circus shows were great, workshops to get involved in and walkabout entertainment to put a smile on people’s faces.”

The festival adopted a ‘pay-as-you-can’ approach, ensuring that the event was accessible to everyone. This inclusive format was applauded by Phoenix, who said, “The format of ‘pay what you like’ was such a good idea and meant the event was accessible to everyone, right in the heart of Old Town.”

Festival producer Jacob Hirsch-Holland was delighted with the turnout and the positive response from attendees. “The event was so good. We had such a good turnout and people seemed to really love it,” he said.

The Swindon Circus Festival was more than just an event; it was a celebration of community, creativity, and shared joy. As the sun set on a day filled with laughter and fun, it left behind memories that will be cherished by the families of Swindon for a long time to come.

Image: Stilt Walkers UK


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