Why letting agents and landlords are the perfect match

It’s a tough time to be a private landlord. Rent freezes during Covid, which looks to be sticking around in places like Scotland, and a recent crackdown on laws regulating the private rental sector, with wide-sweeping reform to keep up to date with – and it looks like it’s only going to get stricter. With all this in mind, now might be the time for private landlords to take that next step with their letting agent.                     

Just in April we saw the introduction of the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), which raised the standard of Energy Performance Certificate from an E to all the way up to a C, and while the exact time frame is still unclear, it is looking to be implemented onto all new tenancies as early as 2028. Later this year, the Renters’ Reform Bill is due to be introduced in Parliament. Sources claim it will confirm the removal of Section 21, which grants landlords eviction powers, a change from assured short-hold tenancies, and the creation of a Property Ombudsman–a government-approved scheme to provide independent mediation to disputes between consumers and property agents–to which every private landlord will have to be signed up.

Now, this is great news for tenants, who will now have more security in this time of rising rent costs during the cost-of-living crisis. However, it is a source of concern for private landlords who must keep on top of all this new information, implement the changes, and risk penalties if they’re not complied with.

We at Richard James understand that this can all be very stressful, especially if you’re just trying to keep on top of tenants complaining about that leaky faucet and wobbly fence, and our team of highly skilled letting agents are here to help. But apart from protection from new regulations, what else makes a partnership between letting agents and landlords worthwhile for you

When it comes time to finding a new tenant, we will find the most suitable one faster due to comprehensive marketing of the property and perform full background checks. We also have the experience to recognise common signs of potentially risky tenants and could already have a previous tenant of one of our past properties who might be perfect for you. 

With a full management service, our letting agents will ensure your properties are looked after by performing regular checks. Not only does this protect your property from being mistreated, but it also prevents problems that tenants might not even be aware of from escalating, such as infestation, mould, and garden overgrowth. All those little jobs you need to be on call for? They’ll all be taken care of with our 24 hours emergency call-out service, so you won’t be woken in the middle of the night for a boiler emergency. Rent guarantee and legal fee services are also available, so essentially what you are getting, is the security of peace of mind.

Take the time to decide what the best choice is for you, but if you have any questions, including advice on the new regulations, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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