Swindon Home Reveals 130-Year-Old Time Capsule Secret

A Victorian home in Swindon recently revealed a secret that has been hidden for over a century. Madeline Goodwin, the current homeowner, discovered a 130-year-old time capsule buried beneath her floorboards, a find that has sparked intrigue and excitement amongst local residents.

The discovery came about in a rather serendipitous way. Madeline had put up a table for sale, and the buyer turned out to be a former resident of the same house. The buyer’s family had lived in the property since the 1890s, and over the years, they had been adding items to a time capsule hidden under the floorboards.

The time capsule, a metal box, contained a fascinating array of items, including a penny from 1901, a cigarette packet, a hat, a bible, a letter, a newspaper from 2007, and a DVD. Each item, a snapshot of a different era, tells a unique story about the people who once called this house their home.

Madeline and her partner were thrilled with the discovery and immediately decided to continue the tradition by adding their own contributions to the time capsule. They are considering moving the contents to a new container to better preserve the items for future generations.

This charming tale serves as a reminder of the rich history that can be found within the walls of our homes. It’s not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about the lives lived, the memories created, and the stories waiting to be discovered. As Madeline and her partner add their own chapter to this ongoing narrative, they are not just preserving the past; they are also creating a legacy for the future.

So, next time you’re walking through the streets of Swindon, take a moment to consider the stories that might be hidden beneath your feet. Who knows, you might be living on top of a time capsule just waiting to be discovered!

For more fascinating stories about our local area, stay tuned to our blog. And if you’re looking to make your own history in a new home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Richard James.

Image credit: SWNS


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