Swindon Tops the Charts for House Flipping Opportunities

Swindon, a charming town in Wiltshire, has recently been crowned as the top location for ‘house flipping’ in the UK. For those unfamiliar with the term, house flipping is a real estate strategy that involves purchasing properties, refurbishing them, and selling them on for a profit, all within a short timeframe.

This accolade for Swindon comes from a comprehensive study conducted by AB Drylining, a firm with nearly two decades of experience in the residential and commercial sector. The study considered various factors, including property prices, demand for houses, and the number of DIY stores per square mile, to determine the best locations for house flipping. Swindon emerged victorious with an impressive index score of 8.83 out of 10.

One of the key factors contributing to Swindon’s top ranking is the availability of properties for sale below market value. Currently, there are approximately 302 such properties per 100,000 residents in Swindon. This, coupled with the high demand for houses in the area, as indicated by the 3,200 monthly searches, suggests a high probability of success for house flippers.

Swindon’s victory is even more remarkable considering it outperformed larger cities like London, Plymouth, Cardiff, Oxford, and Leicester. The town’s high demand score was the highest of all 50 locations included in the study, contributing significantly to its top position.

Alfie Burrows, director of AB Drylining, believes that house flipping is a viable strategy for boosting income, especially in the face of rising living costs. He also emphasises the positive impact of house flipping on communities, transforming rundown spaces into attractive homes for future homeowners.

So, if you’re considering dipping your toes into the world of house flipping, Swindon might just be the perfect place to start. With its high demand, a good number of properties below market value, and a thriving property market, Swindon certainly seems to offer a promising landscape for house flippers.

Image credits: Tierra Mallorca / Unsplash


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