What local knowledge can do for a property sale

It’s never been easier and more convenient to search for a house anywhere in the world. You can scroll through property listings for a house in Edinburgh right from the comfort of your home in Swindon. But there are limitations to only looking online. Some things you just can’t find out virtually, especially when you’re making a big move and have no prior experience of the area you’re moving to. By consulting with an agent with good local knowledge, there are great benefits to gain and major risks to avoid.

First and foremost, what you’re getting with a local agent is a more nuanced insight into all the little things that makes a house a home but don’t show up on a listing. Is the property near a good school or nursery? Are there any safe jogging routes nearby? Which is the decent take-out place and which ones to avoid. Sometimes these questions cannot be answered with a simple yes or no answer. A local gym might have great online reviews, but the agent knows of a hidden gem a little further away that is far less busy on your days off. A local agent might even have local investments in the area and be able to recommend things personally. With a personal point of view, you’re getting that reassurance and validation you’re making the correct choice for you that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Having a better insight into a property’s local amenities might also help sway difficult decision making. Say you’re down to two properties that both tick all the boxes, and you can’t seem to find one advantage over the other. Having that little extra knowledge of perks in the areas might just push one property over the edge.  

When you have an in-person meeting with an estate agent, there are some things that come up in conversation that you wouldn’t be able to convey just filtering searches for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom. Mentioning that you love trying new cuisine might lead your agent to finding you a property within close distance to a great restaurant district. Not only does this help you find a better home, but it also helps build up a level of trust and reliability with your agent.

If you’re looking to sell your home, an agent who knows the wider area of the property’s location will be able to judge its price with a full environmental context, rather than judging it off its features alone. For example, a house located near a school rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted may fetch a better price than one in a remote area. That knowledge could mean the difference between underselling a house and giving it it’s true value.

Local agents have probably also valued and sold many similar houses in the area you’re looking to buy, so know the true potential of the property. For example, they’re aware of a house of the same age and build on the street that got planning permission a few years ago so can tell you what renovations could be done to yours and what extensions would be approved. This insight will allow you to see all the promise of your potential home in a way that you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Local knowledge can sometimes even bypass a lot of stages that goes into buying and selling a property. Estate Agents will have a list of local buyers, investors and property professionals who can help at all stages with the sale or purchase of your home. As soon as a property comes to an agency, a local agent will usually already have someone in mind for it before they even have to visit, as they know the area and just who would be interested. If you’re looking to invest in a property to let, a local estate agent might just have a perfect tenant already lined up for you.

If you’d like to find your own local agent, don’t hesitant to get in touch and we’ll find the perfect match for you.

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